My Vision

The value of achievement lies in the achieving

Albert Einstein

The figure of the Business Professional (of the Accountant, in particular) is going through a deep transformation. Among the various aspects, the software tools (which many of them are free, provided by the central administration) will allow to carry out with “relative simplicity” a good part of the business activities, in particular the ordinary and repetitive ones, tax assets and so on, which are currently assigned to business professionals.

Thus, the skills that the professional must possess are changing. It becomes necessary that they are aligned with the demands of Valuable Consultancy, which produces value, coming from companies. This is the challenge I took.

The Client knows his Business very well, he knows how to “do it”.

I know and master the methods and processes so to help my clients’ way of doing business become even more valuable.
In 2020, and also in the years to come, Problem Solving will remain the most sought-after soft skill, as well as Critical Thinking, Creativity, Relationship Management, Decision-making, Negotiation and Emotional Intelligence. (

It is my belief that the future, in whatever way we want to imagine it, will always be of the Individual and his Intelligence.

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