Value creation, growth, generational handover

I don't have the annual dividend culture. On the contrary, I feel real enjoyment in growing the value of my business.

Oscar Farinetti
(Convention “Azimut Libera Impresa”, Milan october 30th 2019)

"Fear looked in the face, turns into courage. Fear avoided, turns into panic fear."

This is what, a few thousand years ago, the ancient Sumerians wrote on a stone tablet.

We must not be afraid to face change. We’re living in a “zero rate” world!

It therefore becomes essential for businesses to change their pace. Entrepreneurs need to change their habits and must have the courage to move along new roads (and also not to travel the roads of others).

Thus, it becomes necessary to start thinking again on the medium and long term, removing the short-term logics, which lately we have been forced to adapt to.

With this in mind, for example, the planning of the Generational Handover is an issue that must be addressed without “panic fear”. Value and tradition must be projected into the future!

Issues related to Growth and Value Creation must also be addressed with determination by companies, setting up a common table with professionals who support them in their strategic decisions and use Problem Solving as a system to reduce complexity.

Even if we’re currently living in a “zero rate” economic situation, Italian companies have the potential to grow their business only if they start thinking with a medium-long term mind-set.

generational handover

We often talk about “Generational Handover” and also “Failed Generational Handover”. These issues lead the entrepreneur to make and manage very important and delicate decisions.


It takes dedication and a specific action plan to transform your vision, the one you have in your head, into how your company could become.

Value creation

The goal of value creation is undoubtedly linked to the need for growth and development of the enterprise. It highlights the long-term effects of business strategies, regardless of their size or industry of the market.

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