Strategic problem solving

Often we can see the important facts only after having deleted the question "why"; then during our investigations, the facts themselves lead us to an answer.

Arthur Conan Doyle

It is one of the three approaches through which I carry out my profession of Advisor. In my biography, I spoke about my encounter with Giorgio Nardone, who developed the Strategic Problem Solving model.

I’d like to report here an excerpt from my motivational letter, through which I applied to the “Master of 1st and 2nd level in Strategic Communication, Coaching, Problem Solving and Science of Performace”, organized by the Centre of Strategic Therapy of Arezzo and managed by Giorgio:

“I am in charge of strategic advice and M&A transactions: in this context, the combination of relationship management, negotiation, problem solving on one hand, and the professional experience and technique gained in 37 years of work with companies on the other hand, is the approach that guides me in my profession. I feel it in my bones – I have the ambitious goal to be able to support companies, as per the activities mentioned above, through Coaching and strategic Problem Solving, communicating effectively this approach of mine.
Strategic advice and M&A-related activities lead to managing, among other things, the emotional states of people, who will still have to undergo a change. At this particular stage, I believe indeed I could be more incisive in supporting entrepreneurs to manage the actions that they have decided, or will decide, to implement.”

In companies, as in life, usually happens to “stumble” into a difficulty. The difficulty, however, becomes a problem when attempts are made to find a solution (which, if it does not solve the problem, it will eventually make the problem even bigger).

Looking at how it works and how the problem is fuelled, it is possible to bring out through particular techniques the Risk Scenarios that the company is facing or could be facing, if adequate corrective measures are not taken.

Through this method the current situation is analysed in order to improve the future scenarios.
The past is in the past (a statement that seems paradoxical). Looking back to the past wondering why, means looking for the causes, for the perpetrators. It is certainly useful to carry out this investigation, but for other purposes. Not to solve the problem.

Resorting to the strategic Problem Solving model and to all the techniques connected to it, I intervene to understand the problem, to help you define your goal and strategy to achieve it. In doing so, effective strategic decisions will be taken in the most appropriate way, even in complex situations. It is the tangible result that matters.


The etymology of the word “strategy” is Greek and means “the art of the general”, understood as the ability to have an overview that allows you to make the most correct decisions. The roots of this concept go back to 500 BC, to the time of the Chinese Sun Tzu, who, in his treaty “The Art Of War” states that a good leader should never face a dispute without having a clear strategy to be adopted.

In the business world, the strategy is the medium/long-term planning that an organization adopts to compete in the market.

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