Fabrizio Viel


“Fear looked in the face, turns into courage. Fear avoided, turns into panic fear.”
This is what, a few thousand years ago, the ancient Sumerians wrote on a stone tablet. We must not be afraid to face change. We're living in a "zero rate" world! It therefore becomes essential for businesses to change their pace. Entrepreneurs need to change their habits and must have the courage to move along new roads (and also not to travel the roads of others). Thus, it becomes necessary to start thinking again on the medium and long term, removing the short-term logics, which lately we have been forced to adapt to.

Maximum Results Minimum Effort

Treat simple things as if they were complicated and complicated things as if they were simple

Blaise Pascàl

My Vision

The figure of the Business Professional (of the Accountant, in particular) is going through a deep transformation. Among the various aspects, the software tools (which many of them are free, provided by the central administration) will allow to carry out with “relative simplicity” a good part of the business activities, in particular the ordinary and repetitive ones, tax assets and so on, which are currently assigned to business professionals.

My Mission

My mission is to offer specialized and valuable business consulting services to help my Clients solve problems related to growth, generational handover and the creation of company value, both through internal lines (Strategic Advice), and external lines (M&A Advisor in Corporate Finance).


My method

Applying a method means "self-discipline". That is to use specific behaviours together with predetermined procedures, aimed at achieving the established goal. Running a business, whether entrepreneurial or professional, without adopting a method or model (business model) is undoubtedly risky, if not particularly risky. It's like taking on a mountain path with flip-flops. After a while, you will most likely feel pain in your feet! Personally, when it comes to my job, I adopt a method formed by the combination of three very operational and effective models, interconnected in a circular logic. My will is for you to achieve tangible results. This is what really matters.