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Mergers & Acquisitions

These are extraordinary finance transactions that lead to the acquisition and / or sale of a company, to the merger of two or more companies, therefore modifying their corporate structure.

These operations are particularly complex and affect the interests, positions, relationships, emotional aspects of the parties involved, which the Advisor must absolutely take into account.

Whether it is a sale or an acquisition, one of the most important phases of the M&A process is the evaluation of the target company. The evaluation phase must necessarily consider the deep analysis of the final figures, as well as take into account the forecast values.

It is essential that the evaluation is developed on the basis of consistent and shared methodologies among financial and legal practitioners. The natural support at this stage, especially when it comes to an acquisition, is an accurate due diligence, both accounting/financial and business.

The Advisor’s activity is, therefore, very delicate. Its technical, legal, contractual, fiscal and business skills must go hand in hand with those tactical, strategic, relational, negotiation, conflict management, communication, problem solving skills and ……

M&A operations are aimed at the growth and development of companies through external lines, which, as a rule, come together with the creation of value in a synergic way. The value will be quantitatively and qualitatively higher than the sum of the individual values of the companies at stake.

Such transactions are also taken into account by the entrepreneur who intends to “monetize” his investment, either by his own will or by reasons of force majeure, such as when the “generational handover” is missing.

Our task, my commitment is to help you in the development of your business through the operations of extraordinary finance (M&A), enhancing your company’s points of strength and mitigating the effects of the weak points, and solving the industrial, financial and accounting related problems.

We will take this responsibility and we will be grateful for the trust that you will place in us through the agreement by which we will define the terms of the activities that we are going to carry out.

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