Strategic Partnerships

Would he who had possessed the friendship of the King of England, the King of Poland, and the Queen of Sweden, have believed he would lack a refuge and shelter in the world?

Blaise Pascal

“I was having lunch with Sandro that day. Together we were dealing with a common project (it was an aggregation operation involving three companies). As on those occasions it is normal to do, we only talked about … work! At a certain point, however, Sandro stops talking, turns his serious look at me and, in a sustained tone, tells me: ”Know that, to create a network of effective relationships, strategic partnerships and value, you need to invest a lot of time. It takes at least 15 years…”.

The Strategic Partnership with the Client is what I aim at, because together we share common goals. Our agreement is about the definition of a project that will benefit both parties.

My goal is to create, and maintain over time, an ethical, empathetic and trustful relationship, aimed at creating a positive bond, which goes beyond the simple client-consultant relationship. Along with confidentiality, which distinguishes me in the field of managing the operations I follow, these are the values that I particularly care about.

Trust must not be claimed. It is of the utmost importance to earn it. It is not obtained by divine spirit.

Trust facilitates communication, behaviour and relationships and is beneficial for constructive and cooperative work environments.

The same attention and values are placed in the relationships that I have with my clients’ consultants (accountants and lawyers, in particular), as well as with national and international operators, who operate in the business, financial and advisory fields. With all of them, I share my position within a high added value relational Network.

These “Strategic Alliances” are fundamental tools that allow to acquire a competitive position in the reference market, so to offer the most effective and beneficial solution for the Client and all the parties involved.


Jo Owen, a global leadership consultant (among his clients, companies such as Apple, Philips, American Express, BBC and Unilever), during a speech I had the pleasure to hear, he presented what can be authoritatively considered as the “formula” of trust. Here it is:

Trust = (V x C) / (R x D)

V = shared Values, points of view, objectives.
C = Credibility. It is not enough to speak the same language, one must also walk at the same pace.
R = Risk, also defined as the rust of trust, which corrodes the ability to trust.
D = Distance, that is, the opposite of confidence and credibility. Distance between what we say and what we mean or do; between ours and others’ interests; between ours and others’ values; and experiences.

The greater the extent to which the terms that are indicated at the numerator will be more significant than those highlighted at the denominator, the higher the degree of trust between people.

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